My name is Chris Russell; I have been a professional software engineer since 2005 and a hobbyist for many years before that.  My professional focus has been on PHP with a healthy dose of JavaScript, but I’ve also been known to write some Java from time to time and dabble in whatever other languages cross my path.

I’m a big believer in using the right tool for the job.  After all, you can open a can of beans with a screwdriver but there will probably be some interesting side-effects. Over time, I’ve learned that sometimes your can-opener has gone missing, your car is in the shop, and the only store within walking distance is closed. Idealist by nature; pragmatic through experience.

I’ve been involved in my local PHP usergroup (@SoFloPHP) since sometime in 2013 and I can not overstate how enlightening it has been… I’ve always put an enormous amount of value in the perspectives of those around me, regardless of experience level. Being a part of the PHP community has done nothing but reinforce the depth of that value.

And that brings us to my blog: “Programming Perspectives”…

I want to reach into the larger community (beyond my local area and beyond PHP) to contribute my perspectives and to glimpse those of others.  I know with certainty that my perspectives are not complete representations of the programming world… but my hope is that my ramblings will spark some thoughts and drive some interesting conversations that we can all learn from!


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